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Five parties such as international Olympic committee (ioc) officially announced: the Tokyo Olympic Games will not receive foreign audience

Date: 2021-03-22

Delayed for a whole year of Tokyo Olympic Games and then add variable because of the outbreak.On March 20th, Tokyo Olympic organizing committee will hold talks with five parties such as the international Olympic committee (ioc) officially announced, after this summer's Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games does not receive foreign audience.Tokyo organizers held on Saturday of the five parties, including the international Olympic committee (ioc) and the Tokyo government announced the decision after the meeting.It said that foreign residents purchase tickets will be refunded.In spite of the media in early march when mentioned the possibility of holding the Olympic Games "" behind closed doors in Tokyo, people also have been expected, but due to lack of ticket sales, lack of foreign audiences of the Olympic Games will bring huge losses to Tokyo and Japan, this also will make Japan's struggling under the outbreak of tourism.Delay before the Olympic Games last year, the market is expected to have 600000 foreign visitors to Tokyo from attending, and there are about 11000 athletes.Tokyo Olympic committee in December last year estimated that overall ticket sales of about 90 billion yen ($827 million), about 12% of Olympic expected revenue.According to the nikkei news "report, the first is expected to sell 10 million tickets, there are about 900000 went to overseas the crowd.It is unclear whether the Tokyo Olympic Games can allow many local sports fans at the scene., according to Japan's sankei Tokyo bocog etc are considering capacity limit is set to top 50%.This means that the opening ceremony is scheduled for July 23, will only have 34000 spectators at the scene to watch.Due to the large number of arrival may be worried about overseas visitors to Japan's new crown epidemic worse, to a large extent the Japanese public opposition to host the Olympic Games.At present, the Tokyo Olympic Games organisers to visit Japan's athletes, coaches and officials, media workers and other relevant foreign visitors not mandatory vaccination or isolation requirements.